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Coin Collector
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Coin Collector is a free-to-play smartphone based game for players to collect digital coins while walking in the neighbourhood. This game is played on google map as coins randomly start to appear on the screen around players’ real world surroundings. The more coins players can collect the richer they will get!

Coin Collector is designed by Daily Positive (D+), a not-for-profit media initiative from Australia to publish positive news on each country of the world.

Game Rules

Players will play Coin Collector on Google Map, outside while physically walking in the neighbourhood. Three types of coins will be available for players to collect – Bronze, Silver and Gold. For each Bronze, Silver and Gold coin collected, players will earn .10 cents, .50 cents and 1 dollar respectively. Apart from the coins, as special reward, Pink Diamonds may appear which will be worth $50 each.

If the players can reach within 60 meters of any of the coins or diamonds, they can collect and earn all of those coins and diamonds by tapping the screen. A circle will be available as an indication of the 60-meter radius. The centre of the circle is the physical location the player.

Once a set of coins and diamonds is available to collect, the players will have 90 seconds to collect them all. If the players fail to collect the coins and diamonds within the given 90 seconds, the map will be reloaded with new sets of coins and diamonds.

In total the map will be reloaded 3 times with new sets of coins before the players move to the next round of the game. In total there will be 5 rounds before the game ends.

In order to be able to move to the next round, players will have to correctly answer a random Multiple Choice Questions. The questions will be based on the positive news published on Daily Positive (D+) in last few years and some general knowledge about the countries of the world.

Players will have three lifelines in total and for each wrong answer in between the rounds players will lose a lifeline.

Players’ physical location will be determined by GPS functionalities available on their smartphone. Thus, the accuracy of Coin Collector depends on the accuracy of players’ GPS system. Players will have to allow Coin Collector to access their physical location, if prompted at the start of the game.

In this current version, Coin Collector will give away coins and diamonds only for 20k or 20,000 times a day throughout the world. Thus, you need to hurry up and collect the coins and diamonds as soon as they start to appear in your neighbourhood. Beyond 20K, you will start to see an error message and you will have to try again next day.

In order to play Coin Collector, you will need a latest version of Android or iOS smartphone with Internet connection.

Enjoy, Play, Earn And Donate Today With Coin Collector!


How much Coin Collector cost?

  • It is a 100% FREE game and it does not cost anything to play Coin Collector.

Why Coin Collector gives away Coins and Diamonds only for 20K times each day?

  • We just need to be little bit more richer before we are able to offer you more coins :).

Am I really donating anything to any cause as the game suggests?

  • Yes. Initially you are helping to create awareness. As next step, Coin Collector plans to donate scholarship money for girls’ education from the money that you generate playing Coin Collector.

Why should I share on Facebook or Twitter?

  • It will help create awareness about different social issues. In this current version we encourage you to create awareness about #BringBackOurGirls and #StopBurningMyChild campaigns.

What indicates lifelines?

  • At the start of the game, there will be 3 dices indicating 3 lifelines. Every time you lose one lifeline, you will see one less dice.

Do I need to login or register?

  • In this current version of the game, you do not need to login or register to play the game.

What is Total $?

  • It indicates how much you have earned in the current session of the game.

What is Highest $?

  • It indicates the highest amount ever earned in a particular device.

Why do I see an error message?

  • This could be due to the fact that all the 20K coins and diamonds for the day are already been collected. You may have to try next day once the coins and diamonds start to appear in your neighbourhood. Also we suggest you to run the latest updates for your device.

Where can I report an issue related to Coin Collector?

  • Please send us an email at