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Arab Republic of Egypt
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Location  Africa
Capital  Cairo
Area  1,001,450 sq km
Population  99,413,317
"A trouble shared is a trouble halved"
(Proverb/Quote of the Week)

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January 1

  • Boutros Boutros-Ghali, an Egyptian diplomat, served as the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1st January 1992 to 31st December 1996.[1]

January 2

January 3

January 4

  • Egypt's Mohamed Salah was named as the African Player of the Year at the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Awards in Ghanaian capital Accra on 4 January 2018, the first Egyptian to win the award since Mahmoud al Khatib in 1983.
  • Egyptian archaeologists led by Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, discovered the largest tomb yet discovered in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, also known as the "City of the Dead" on January 4, 2010. The tomb dates back 2,500 years to the 26th Dynasty and contained important artifacts, including mummified eagles.[2]

January 5

January 6

  • Egyptian researcher Sara Hegy Ahmed was awarded the Richtzenhain Doctoral Prize for the best research on cancer in Germany, as widely revealed on 6 January 2022.

January 7

January 8

  • Egypt secured a further £1.25bn loan and an extra £300m donation from Qatar on 8 January 2013 in an effort to control a currency crisis prompted by Egypt's recent political turmoil.[3]

January 9

January 10

  • Egyptian woman professional squash player Nour Atef El Sherbini received the Arab Outstanding Athlete Award at the 9th Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award ceremony held in Dubai on 10 January 2018.[4]

January 11

  • Egyptian resort town Sharm el-Sheikh was presented with the 2011 World's Leading Dive Destination award at the grand final gala ceremony of the 18th World Travel Awards on 11 January 2012.[5]

January 12

January 13

January 14

January 15

  • On 15 January 2012 Egyptian official revealed that archaeologists unearthed a roughly 1,100 year-old tomb of a female singer in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. It is the only tomb of a woman not related to the ancient Egyptian royal families ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

January 16

  • Egypt on 16 January 2021 announced the discovery of a new trove of treasures at the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo, including 54 wooden coffins and an ancient funerary temple, many of which can be traced back 3000 years to the New Kingdom period.

January 17

January 18

January 19

January 20

January 21

January 22

January 23

January 24

January 25

January 26

January 27

January 28

January 29

  • Egyptian and American scientists have discovered a new species school-bus-length, long-necked plant-eater dinosaur, named Mansourasaurus shahinae, in Egypt. Their discovery was published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution on 29 January 2018.[6]

January 30

January 31

  • Egypt became African Cup of Nations champions, the main international football competition in Africa, for a record third consecutive title after beating Ghana 1-0 in the final on January 31, 2010 in Angola.[7]


February 1

February 2

  • Egyptian archaeologists uncovered a tomb containing 2,000-years-old 40+ mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era, in Minya, south of Cairo, the ministry of antiquities in Egypt said on 2 February 2019.

February 3

  • Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a 4,400-year-old tomb in a wider area of Giza’s western necropolis, likely belonged to a woman known as Hetpet, who archaeologists believe was close to ancient Egyptian royals of the 5th Dynasty, as revealed on 3 February 2018.

February 4

February 5

  • Egypt football team won the Fair Play prize at the 2017 African Cup of Nations football championship.[8]
  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Cairo on 5 February 2013 for the first trip by an Iranian head of state to Egypt since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, underlining the more open ties that have developed recently between the two countries.[9]

February 6

February 7

February 8

February 9

February 10

  • Egyptian government assumed the presidency of African Union (AU), a continental union consisting of 55 African countries, on 10 February 2019.

February 11

  • Egypt erupts in jubilation as President Hosni Mubarak had been toppled after 18 days of protests against his government. The 82-year-old dictator, who had ruled Egypt with tenacious brutality for 30 years, was ousted on February 11, 2011.[10]

February 12

  • An Egyptian archeological mission has uncovered 83 tombs in Umm Al-Khelgan region in Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities said on 12 February 2020.

February 13

  • Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed what is believed to be the world's oldest known beer factory, dating back about 5,000 years in the city of Abydos, as revealed by the Egyptian tourism ministry on 13 February 2021.
  • Egyptian and Spanish archaeologists have unearthed a 3,600-year-old mummy in the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt's Antiquities Minister announced on 13 February 2014. In a statement, the ministry said the rare find in a preserved wooden sarcophagus dates back to 1600 BC, when the Pharaonic 17th Dynasty reigned.[11]

February 14

February 15

February 16

February 17

February 18

February 19

February 20

February 21

February 22

February 23

February 24

February 25

February 26

  • Ahmed Hassan Zewail, was born in 1946 in Damanhour, Egypt, who went onto become a winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in femtochemistry (a science that studies chemical reactions in extremely short time frames). The scientist used flashes of laser light to scan and monitor chemical reactions that occur in a fraction of a second. It allowed people to view chemical reactions in detail that they had never done before and by doing so reveal certain intermediate products that occurs during reactions.

February 27

February 28

  • A colossal 3000-year-old red granite head of Amenhotep III, the grandfather of Tutankhamun - the teenage king of Egypt, was discovered in Luxor, Egypt in 2010. Scientists conducted DNA tests and CT scans on a number of mummies had identified Amenhotep III as the grandfather of Tutakhamun. Egyptian authorities announced the discovery on February 28, 2010.[12]

February 29


March 1

March 2

  • Scientists in Egypt have discovered a hidden passage inside Egypt's Great Pyramid, at the ancient site in Giza also known as the Khufu, or Cheops, pyramid, Egypt's Tourism and Antiquities Ministry revealed on 2 March 2023.

March 3

March 4

  • Egyptian swimmer Omar Sayed Shaaban broke a Guinness World Record with the highest jump out of water while wearing a monofin, recording an impressive 2.30 m (7 ft 11.8 in) jump, as announced on 4 March 2021.[13]

March 5

March 6

  • British Petroleum (BP) on 6 March 2015 announced the signing of the final agreement of the Egypt’s West Nile Delta project to develop 5 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas resources and 55 million barrels (mmbbls) of condensates with an estimated investment of around $12 billion.

March 7

  • Mama Maggie of Egypt was honoured with the 2019 International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award by the United States for her initiatives to empower women and young ladies.[14]

March 8

March 9

  • Egypt’s football star Mohamed Salah won the Premier League player of the month award for second time in the season on 9 March 2018 playing for Liverpool.

March 10

  • Veteran Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Aboul-Gheit was named as the Arab League's new secretary general on 10 March 2016.

March 11

March 12

March 13

March 14

March 15

March 16

  • Renowned Egyptian author and scholar Youssef Ziedan was announced as the winner of the 2009 International Prize for Arabic Fiction on 16 March 2009 for his novel Azazel.

March 17

  • Egypt on 17 March 2022 announced the discovery of five ancient tombs in Saqqara, date back to the Old Kingdom (c.2700–2200 BC) and First Intermediate (c.2181–2055 BC) eras, marking the latest in a series of discoveries in the vast necropolis south of Cairo.

March 18

March 19

March 20

March 21

March 22

  • The Arab League, a regional organization of Arab states for creating a closer relation among its members, was formed in Cairo on 22 March 1945 with six members: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

March 23

  • Professor Mohammed El-Ghazouani Miftah of Egypt was named as the winners of the 2016 King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Language and Literature in recognition of his distinguished literary effort.[15]
  • Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on 23 March 2015 signed an initial agreement to end a long-running dispute over the sharing of water from the Nile River that runs through the three countries.
  • Archaeologists on 23 March 2014 unveiled two colossal statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III in Egypt's famed temple city of Luxor. The newly found quartzite statues were unveiled at the funerary temple of Amenhotep III and they joined the 3,400-year-old Memnon colossi -- twin statues of Amenhotep III.

March 24

March 25

March 26

  • Egypt was named as the second most attractive investment destination in Africa, according to the Africa Investment Index 2018 published by Quantum Global Research Lab.[16]

March 27

  • Egyptian swimming champion Farida Osman won the gold medal for the 100 meters butterfly at the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) tournament held in the USA on 27 March 2021, qualifying her for a place in the Tokyo Olympic Games in summer.

March 28

March 29

  • Aziza Hassan Kamel from Egypt received a Unesco-L’Oreal International Fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences on 29 March 2012 for her research to develop a monitoring tool for emerging strains of the H5N1 avian influenza virus which is responsible for decimating poultry stock across the world, and which poses an important threat to human health.[17]

March 30

March 31


April 1

April 2

April 3

April 4

April 5

  • Archaeologists in Egypt on 5 April 2019 unveiled a well preserved and finely painted tomb, dating back more than 2,000 years, thought to be from the early Ptolemaic period near the Egyptian town of Sohag.

April 6

  • A mass five-day polio vaccination campaign was launched in Egypt, Iraq and Syria on 6 April 2014 after health officials reported a suspected polio case in Baghdad last month.[18]

April 7

April 8

April 9

April 10

  • Archaeologists in Egypt, led by famed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, on 10 April 2021 revealed their finds at what they say is the "largest" ancient city ever found in Egypt, dating to a golden age of the pharaohs 3,000 years ago, at a site near Luxor.

April 11

  • Egypt’s Minister of Endowments Mohamed Gomaa won the 2022 PAM’s Award of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean for his efforts in spreading the culture of dialogue and peace.

April 12

  • A French-Egyptian archaeological mission discovered the oldest commercial harbor from the fourth dynasty King Khufu (Cheops) at Wadi Al-Jarf area, 180 km south of Suez, according to an official announcement by the Egypt State Information Service on 12 April 2013. The harbor was discovered along with a collection of 40 papyri, showing details of daily life of ancient Egyptians during the 27th year of King Khufu’s reign.[19]

April 13

April 14

April 15

April 16

  • Egyptian reporters Maggie Michael and Nariman El-Mofty representing AP won a Pulitzer Prize in the International Reporting category on 16 April 2019 for their coverage of ongoing Yemen conflict.[20]
  • Egypt's second Earth observation satellite, EgyptSat 2, was successfully launched on 16 April 2014 aboard Russia’s Soyuz-U rocket. The 1,050 kg satellite is intended for high-resolution Earth remote sensing for the benefit of agricultural, geological and environmental studies.[21]

April 17

  • Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah was named on Time magazine's 100 most influential people list on 17 April 2019.[22]
  • Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of the comprehensive development initiative SEKEM in Egypt, was announced as the winner of the prestigious 2012 Oslo Business for Peace Award for developing and spreading biodynamic farming methods in Egypt.

April 18

  • Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed several mummies, colourful wooden sarcophagi and more than 1,000 funerary statues in a 3,500-year-old tomb near the city of Luxor, as revealed on 18 April 2017. The discovery was made by an Egyptian archaeological mission working in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near the famed Valley of the Kings.

April 19

April 20

April 21

  • Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian Internet activist, topped TIME magazine's 2011 list of the most influential people in the world. The list, namely "The 2011 TIME 100", was published on April 21, 2011. Ghonim has shown that Internet can be a tool for communication and rebellion during the 2011 uprising against the Egyptian government of President Mubarak.[23]
  • Dr. Mohamed El-Ashry from Egypt was named one of the recipients of the 2006 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Champions of Earth award on April 21, 2006. Dr. El-Ashry was awarded for his vigilant and versatile roles as climate change expert and research fellow with different international organizations.

April 22

  • Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah was named Player of the Year by England's Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) on 22 April 2018 representing Liverpool, becoming the first Egyptian to receive the award.
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned dozens of illegally smuggled ancient artifacts to the government of Egypt, including a Greco-Roman style Egyptian sarcophagus, at a ceremony on 22 April 2015 at the National Geographic Society in Washington.[24]

April 23

  • Jailed Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, known as Shawkan, was named as the laureate of the 2018 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano Press Freedom Prize.[25]

April 24

April 25

  • Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on 25 April 2022 announced the discovery of the remains of a temple for Zeus at the site of Tell el-Farama in North Sinai.

April 26

April 27

April 28

  • Egyptian archaeologists working have uncovered 110 tombs in the Dakahlia province north of Cairo dating to the period before Egypt’s Pharaonic kingdoms first emerged more than 5,000 years ago, according to an announcement by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on 28 April 2021.

April 29

  • Archaeologists from Egypt and Switzerland have discovered remains of about 50 mummies, thought to belong to Egypt's 18th Pharaonic dynasty, in a huge tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The findings were revealed on 29 April 2014.

April 30


May 1

  • Egyptian footballer and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah was named the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year on 1 May 2018 for his performances in the 2017–18 season.[26]

May 2

May 3

  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Egypt won the 2016 WSIS Prize for their program titled Life Long Learning and Employment for People with Disabilities.[27]

May 4

May 5

  • Ahmed Bulbolh of Egypt won the third prize at the 2016 Foundation of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain's Prize for Poetic Creativity in Arabic.[28]

May 6

May 7

  • Egyptian photo blogger Mosa'ab Elshamy won the top prize at The Bobs 2014, Deutsche Welle sponsored online activism award, for his powerful work from the streets of Cairo.[29]

May 8

May 9

May 10

  • Egypt's first televised presidential debate, as was the first ever in the Arab world, between two election front-runners took place on 10 May 2012. It is yet another step towards Egypt's persistent thrives for democracy.[30]

May 11

May 12

  • Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah on 12 May 2019 won the English Premier League Golden Boot award with 22 goals representing Liverpool.

May 13

  • Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah won the Premier League's Player of the Season award on 13 May 2018 for his performance with Liverpool.[31]
  • Egyptian archaeologists have discovered at least 17 mummies in desert catacombs in Minya province, the first such find in the area, the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry announced on 13 May 2017.

May 14

May 15

  • Egypt on 15 May 2019 officially opened the world’s widest suspension bridge named Rod al-Farag Axis Bridge across the Nile.

May 16

May 17

  • Egypt opened new wheat silos with 45,000-tonne capacity, state-run news agency MENA reported on 17 May 2014. The increase in storage capacity is part of a project to become a wheat trading hub for Arab and European countries importing from Russia and the Black Sea region.[32]

May 18

May 19

May 20

May 21

May 22

  • Conservative Egypt’s Ministry of Interior has formed its first, all-female police unit to combat sexual harassment and other violence against women, launched on 22 May 2013 as the head of Egypt's National Council for Women Mervat al-Tallawy met with members of the new special unit.[33]

May 23

  • Egyptians voted freely to choose a president for the first time in generations on 23 and 24 May 2012, more than 15 months after autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak's ouster.[34]

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27

  • The United Nations awarded five fallen peacekeepers from Egypt posthumously with the Dag Hammarskjöld Medal on 27 May 2021.[35]

May 28

May 29

  • Egyptian capital Cairo was ranked as the most low-cost big city in the world according to Swiss bank UBS Prices and Earnings 2018 report covering 77 metropolitan areas across the globe.

May 30

May 31

  • Egypt's notorious emergency law expired on 31 May 2012, ending 31 years of broad powers to detain and arrest for a police force accused of severely abusing its far-reaching authority.[36]


June 1

June 2

June 3

  • Egyptian journalist Maher Hamoud was awarded an irregular honorary award at the 40th anniversary celebration of the European Union Visitors Programme for his recent works to communicate democratic values, as reported on 3 June 2015.

June 4

June 5

  • Egyptian and English archaeologist have unearthed nearly 8 million mummified dogs in the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis. Their findings were described in the journal Antiquity on 5 June 2015.[37]

June 6

June 7

June 8

June 9

June 10

  • Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah of Egypt was named Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Player of the Year for the second time on 10 June 2022.
  • Egypt and 25 other nations from Africa on 10 June 2015 signed a historic free trade pact, Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), that will ease the movement of goods across member countries in next five years. Once fully implemented, the 26-nation TFTA will be the continent's largest free-trade zone.

June 11

  • Egyptian football club Al Ahly won record-extending 11th African Champions League title against defending champion Wydad Casablanca of Morocco in the second leg of the final on 11 June 2023 that secured a 3-2 aggregate victory.[38]

June 12

June 13

June 14

June 15

June 16

June 17

  • On the 17th of June 1942 Mohamed ElBaradei, an Egyptian Law Scholar and Diplomat, was born. ElBaradei jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize along with the International Automic Energy Agency in 2005 for promoting the use of nuclear material only in energy production and his public opposition and prevention of it being used for military purposes. His open editorial to The Ecconomist 2003 stated that "nuclear-energy systems should be deployed that, by design, avoid the use of materials that may be applied directly to making nuclear weapons." He was also a strong figure in the 2011 Egyptian revolution that saw the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

June 18

June 19

June 20

  • Egyptologists from Egypt and Switzerland have discovered details of production techniques and usage of one of the oldest artificial wooden big toes in history after re-examining using modern techniques. The find is almost 3000 years old and was discovered in a female burial in the city of Luxor in Egypt, as revealed on 20 June 2017.[39]
  • The Medicinal Plants Association of Egypt protects and cultivates endemic species of medicinal plants in the Saint Catherine Reserve in Sinai and aims to create livelihood alternatives for the area's economically marginalized Bedouin population was honored with the 2012 Equator Prize by the United Nations.[40]

June 21

  • Egypt, Lebanon and Syria on 21 June 2022 signed an agreement to import 650 million cubic metres of Egyptian natural gas to a power plant in northern Lebanon through Syria.

June 22

June 23

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 27

June 28

June 29

June 30

  • The winner of the first free Presidential election in Egypt, Mohammed Morsi took his oath as county's first free elected President before Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court on 30 June 2012.


July 1

July 2

  • Egyptian archeologists have unearthed a rare find - an enormous black granite sarcophagus said to be the largest ever found in Alexandria, Egypt, as revealed on 2 July 2018.

July 3

July 4

July 5

July 6

July 7

July 8

July 9

July 10

July 11

July 12

July 13

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

July 18

July 19

  • Egyptian Professor Aly El-Shafei at Cairo University won the Grand Prize of $100,000 for his energy innovation at the 2017 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) in Ghana’s capital Accra.[41]

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

July 25

  • Egyptian and Italian researchers have discovered a jar of the world's oldest cheese in a 3,300-year-old Egyptian tomb, according to a study published in American Chemical Society's journal Analytical Chemistry on 25 July 2018.[42]

July 26

July 27

July 28

July 29

July 30

July 31


August 1

August 2

August 3

August 4

August 5

August 6

  • Egypt on 6 August 2015 inaugurated the New Suez Canal, a waterway project expanding the existing Suez Canal, expected to significantly enhance Egyptian trade volumes.

August 7

  • Egyptian karateka Feryal Abdelaziz clinched the gold medal at the women’s karate kumite +61kg event at the Tokyo Olympics on 7 August 2021 and became the first Egyptian woman to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.[43]

August 8

August 9

August 10

August 11

August 12

August 13

August 14

August 15

  • Egyptian archaeologists have discovered three ancient tombs containing sarcophagi in a cemetery dating back about 2,000 years, the antiquities ministry said on 15 August 2017. They were found in burial grounds in the Al-Kamin al-Sahrawi area in Minya province, south of Cairo.

August 16

August 17

August 18

August 19

August 20

August 21

August 22

  • Grandmaster Amin Bassem of Egypt won the top prize at the 24th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival on 22 August 2017.

August 23

August 24

August 25

  • Scientists from Egypt, the USA and Saudi Arabia have identified a 43 million-year-old fossil of a previously unknown amphibious four-legged whale species, originally discovered in Egypt's Western Desert, as revealed in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B on 25 August 2021.[44]

August 26

August 27

August 28

August 29

August 30

  • Italian energy giant Eni on 30 August 2015 announced the discovery of a supergiant gas field in the deep waters of Egypt, the largest ever found in the Mediterranean Sea. The discovery could hold a potential of 30 trillion cubic feet of lean gas in place covering an area of about 100 square kilometers.

August 31

  • Sherif Othman of Egypt defended his Men's-56 kg Powerlifting title in style and won a gold medal for his country on 31 August 2012 at the Paralympic Games, in London.[45]


September 1

September 2

  • Egyptian archeologists have unearthed one of the oldest villages ever found in the Nile Delta in Tell el-Samara, about 140 kilometers (87 miles) north of Cairo, with remains dating back to before the pharaohs, as revealed on 2 September 2018 by Egypt's antiquities ministry.

September 3

September 4

September 5

September 6

September 7

September 8

September 9

  • Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed a pharaonic tomb in the southern city of Luxor belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago and whose work was dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god Amun, Egypt’s antiquities ministry announced on 9 August 2017.

September 10

September 11

September 12

September 13

  • Shady Rabab of Egypt won the 2018 UN Young Champions of the Earth Prize for addressing poverty and waste management in Egypt by making musical instruments from trash and training young people in a band.[46]

September 14

  • Egypt and Qatar signed three Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), including one between the two nations' sovereign wealth funds, during the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s visit to Doha on 14 September 2022.

September 15

September 16

  • Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a sandstone sphinx likely dating to the Ptolemaic era in the southern city of Aswan, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities said on 16 September 2018.

September 17

September 18

September 19

September 20

  • Archaeologists in Egypt on 20 September 2020 announced the discovery of 14 sarcophagi in the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo that had lain buried for 2,500 years.
  • The Serapeum of Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian site where sacred bulls were buried over the course of more than a thousand years, was reopened on 20 September 2012 after ten years of renovation work.[47]

September 21

September 22

September 23

September 24

September 25

  • Diplomatic links between Egypt and Jordan were resumed on September 25, 1984. Jordan became the first Arab state to reestablish diplomatic relations with Egypt.[48]

September 26

September 27

September 28

September 29

September 30


October 1

October 2

October 3

October 4

October 5

October 6

October 7

October 8

  • Egypt scored a 95th-minute penalty to beat Congo 2-1 in Alexandria on 8 October 2017 to reach to the FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1990.

October 9

October 10

October 11

October 12

October 13

  • Nihal Saad Zaghloul of Egypt was included in the BBC global list of 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017 for starting a movement where men and women form street patrols to prevent assaults on women in public.
  • Egypt's GDP growth rate rose in the fourth quarter to 3.7 percent, up from 2.5 percent, according to an official announcement on 13 October 2014, in the latest sign that confidence is returning to an economy battered by three years of political turmoil.[49]

October 14

October 15

  • United Nations General Assembly on 15 October 2015 elected Egypt to serve as non-permanent members on the Security Council for two-year terms beginning on 1 January 2016.

October 16

October 17

October 18

  • Antigone Costanda won the Miss World title in 1954 representing Egypt. Miss World 1954, the fourth annual Miss World pageant, was held on October 18, 1954 at Lyceum Theatre, London, United Kingdom. Costanda was the first Egyptian to win the title.[50]

October 19

October 20

October 21

October 22

  • Archaeologists have unearthed a 4000-year-old tomb outside the Egyptian capital containing what they believe are the remains of a prominent doctor to the pharaohs, according to an official announcement on 22 October 2013. The tomb, part of a 21-meter by 14-meter plot, with four-meter high walls, was discovered at Abusir, southwest of Cairo.

October 23

October 24

  • Egypt was admitted as a member of the United Nations (UN) on 24 October 1945.

October 25

October 26

October 27

  • Egypt was elected as a council member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on 27 October 2014 for four years from the African region. ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

October 28

  • Egypt on 28 October 2016 was elected to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council for a three-year terms beginning on 1 January 2017. The United Nations body is responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe.[51]

October 29

October 30

October 31


November 1

November 2

  • Scientists in Egypt have discovered a passenger plane-sized hidden chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, in what would be the first such discovery in the structure since the 19th century. Their discovery was detailed in Nature on 2 November 2017.[52]

November 3

November 4

  • Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an underground tunnel at Taposiris Magna, a temple dedicated to Osiris, the god of death. The tunnel, 6.5-foot-tall, 4,300-foot-long roughly 43 feet underground at the temple, which is situated west of the ancient city of Alexandria, as announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on 4 November 2022.
  • The tomb of Tutankhamun or King Tut, an Egyptian pharaoh, was discovered on November 4, 1922 by an English archaeologist Howard Carter. King Tut’s tomb was a major discovery of the 19th century.[53]

November 5

November 6

November 7

November 8

November 9

November 10

  • Egyptian archaeologists have discovered seven Pharaonic Age tombs near the capital Cairo containing dozens of cat mummies along with wooden statues depicting other animals and birds, as announced by the Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities on 10 November 2018.
  • Egyptian football club Al Ahly SC won the 2013 Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League with a record of eight titles after a 2-0 win secured a 3-1 aggregate victory over South Africa's Orlando Pirates in the final.[54]

November 11

November 12

November 13

November 14

  • Archaeologists from Egypt and Poland have discovered the remains of a 4500-year-old temple dedicated to Sun God 'Ra' in Egypt, buried beneath another temple at Abu Ghurab, around 12 miles south of Cairo, as announced on 14 November 2021.
  • The European Union has approved a €5 billion assistance package to Egypt to help rebuild the economy, after its economy was battered by a 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak, according to an official announcement on 14 November 2012.[55]

November 15

November 16

November 17

November 18

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

  • Archaeologists have discovered an Egyptian city and graveyard dating back more than 7000 years in the ancient city of Abydos in southern Egypt, as revealed by the country's Antiquities Ministry on 23 November 2016.

November 24

  • Nadeen Ashraf from Egypt, passionate about spreading knowledge in a way that’s accessible to the general population, on 24 November 2020 was included in BBC's annual list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world.
  • Egyptian and French archaeologists on 24 November 2018 unveiled a new ancient tomb, sarcophagi and funerary artifacts discovered in the Theban necropolis of Al-Assasif in the southern city of Luxor in Egypt.

November 25

November 26

  • Egypt launched its first telecommunications satellite Tiba-1 from the South American base of French Guiana on 26 November 2019 in order to provide telecommunication and internet services to remote and isolated areas of the country.

November 27

November 28

November 29

November 30


December 1

December 2

December 3

December 4

December 5

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

  • The Nobel Peace Prize for 1978 was awarded to Anwar al-Sadat, President of Egypt, and Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, for their contribution to the two frame agreements on peace in the Middle East, and on peace between Egypt and Israel, which were signed at Camp David on September 17, 1978.[56]

December 11

  • Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah was named BBC African Footballer of the Year 2017 for his performance with Egypt and Liverpool Football Club.

December 12

December 13

December 14

  • Egypt and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah won the prestigious BBC African Footballer of the Year Award for the second year in a row on 14 December 2018.
  • The 2011 Sakharov Prize, an award from the European Parliament which honors individuals or organizations for their dedication to the defense of human rights and freedom of thought, was awarded on 14 December 2011 for Freedom of Thought to five representatives of the Arab spring revolts. Ms Asmaa Mahfouz, a young Egyptian blogger, was one of the recipients whose Youtube videos brought thousands of people onto the streets to protest against the repressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

December 15

December 16

December 17

  • Conspirators murdered Egyptian king Ramesses III by cutting his throat, concludes a study by scientists from Egypt, Italy and Germany published on British Medical Journal on 17 December 2012.[57]

December 18

December 19

December 20

  • Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a rock art containing the only known example of spider dates back to 4,000 B.C., as reported on 20 December 2013.[58]

December 21

December 22

December 23

December 24

December 25

December 26

December 27

December 28

December 29

  • Egypt and Algeria on 29 December 2014 signed an agreement to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Algeria, as Egypt seeks to ease a chronic energy shortage.

December 30

December 31