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Republic of Kenya
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Location  Africa
Capital  Nairobi
Area  580,367 sq km
Population  48,397,527
"A trouble shared is a trouble halved"
(Proverb/Quote of the Week)

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January 1

January 2

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January 10

January 11

January 12

January 13

  • Kenyan footballer Michael Olunga made history on 13 January 2018 as he became the first Kenyan to score a hat-trick in Spain's La Liga playing for Girona as they beat Las Palmas 6-0.

January 14

  • Kenyan runner Agnes Ngetich shattered the world record in the women’s 10km road race at the 10K Valencia Ibercaja 2024 - setting time of 28:46, becoming the first woman to run the distance in under 29 minutes.
  • Kenyan scientists on 14 January 2021 announced the successful creation of two new embryos of the northern white rhino in an effort to halt the extinction of the iconic land mammal.

January 15

January 16

January 17

January 18

January 19

January 20

January 21

January 22

January 23

January 24

  • Kenya on 24 January 2017 was named as the world’s least toxic nation by renewable energy firm Eco Experts, topping a list that takes account of air pollution, renewable energy production and energy consumption.[1]

January 25

January 26

January 27

January 28

  • Two Kenyan inventors, David Gathu and Moses Kinyua, have created a robotic arm prosthetic that is controlled by brain signals, as widely reported on 28 January 2021. The prosthetic arm is made up of discarded computer parts and recycled wood.

January 29

January 30

January 31


February 1

February 2

  • FOI Portal, by mySociety and Article 19 East Africa in Kenya, was named as one of recipients of the Code For Africa project grant on 2 February 2017 as part of its innovateAFRICA initiative.[2]
  • Kenya secured insurance loans of around $700m from the International Monetary Fund on 2 February 2015. The money will be used as an insurance policy to protect against any threats to the country's economy.[3]

February 3

February 4

February 5

February 6

February 7

February 8

February 9

February 10

  • Kenyan athlete Peres Jepchirchir set a world record in the women's half marathon on 10 February 2017. She clocked a time of one hour, five minutes and six seconds in the Ras al-Khaimah half marathon in the United Arab Emirates.[4]

February 11

  • Kenya hold its first presidential debate - between all eight candidates - on 11 February 2013. For the first time in history, Kenyans had the opportunity to see their favorite presidential candidates take the podium apart from the campaign to discuss real issues affecting people's lives.[5]

February 12

February 13

February 14

  • Kenya’s long-distance runner Beatrice Chepkoech broke the 5 kilometres world record on 14 February 2021, finishing in a time of 14 minutes 43 seconds round the streets of Monaco to clip one second off the old mark.

February 15

  • Kenya ranked seventh in the world on how effectively children can access the justice system to defend their rights, according to a research report released on 15 February 2016 by Children Rights International Network (CRIN). Kenya was the only country outside of Europe to make it to the top ten.[6]

February 16

February 17

February 18

February 19

February 20

February 21

February 22

February 23

February 24

  • Kenya and Germany launched a 39.4 million euros youth empowerment vocational training program at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), which will equip the youth with requisite skills to contribute effectively to Kenya’s development.
  • An ancient relative of the hippopotamus likely swam from Asia to Africa some 35 million years ago, long before the arrival of the lion, rhino, zebra and giraffe, according to a study published on 24 February 2015 by an international team of researchers, including scientists from Kenya. Analysis of the previously unknown, long- extinct animal also confirms that cetaceans -- the group to which whales, dolphins and porpoises belong -- are in fact the hippo's closest living cousins.[7]

February 25

February 26

February 27

  • The East African Community (EAC), a regional intergovernmental organization for cooperation between the member countries, on 27 February 2016 officially launched the first One Stop Border Post (OSBP) between Holily, Kenya and Taveta, Tanzania aimed at reducing trade costs in East Africa.

February 28

February 29

  • Kenya defeated strong-favorite West Indies in a Cricket World Cup match on 29 February 1996 by 73 runs. It is not only a glorious day for Kenyan cricket but also considered as one of the biggest upset wins of cricket world cup history.[8]


March 1

  • Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o won the Independent Spirit Award on 1 March 2014 for her performance in British-American historical epic drama film 12 Years a Slave.[9]

March 2

  • Lupita Nyong'o of Kenya won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award at the 86th Oscars on 2 March 2014 for her performance in 12 Years a Slave. It was Kenya's first-ever Oscars win.[10]

March 3

March 4

March 5

March 6

March 7

March 8

March 9

March 10

  • African elephants are able to identify humans that pose a threat to them by distinguishing between the language and voices of different ethnic groups, according to a study published by Kenyan and English researchers on 10 March 2014 in the journal PLoS ONE.[11]

March 11

March 12

March 13

March 14

March 15

March 16

March 17

March 18

March 19

March 20

March 21

March 22

March 23

  • Kenyan maths and physics teacher Peter Tabichi, who gives away most of his salary to support poorer pupils, from a secondary school in a remote village in Kenya's Rift Valley won the $1 million 2019 Global Teacher Prize.

March 24

March 25

March 26

  • Kenya's telecoms operator Safaricom on 27 March 2021 launched the commercial trial of 5G services in Nairobi and major urban centers in western Kenya, with Huawei and Nokia as technology partners.
  • Kenya was named as the ninth most attractive investment destination in Africa, according to the Africa Investment Index 2018 published by Quantum Global Research Lab.[12]

March 27

March 28

March 29

  • A team of international researchers, including scientists from Kenya, has revealed that Africans and Asians were intermingling along the East African coast more than a thousand years ago. Their findings were published in the Nature journal on 29 March 2023.[13]
  • Peggoty Mutai from Kenya received a Unesco-L’Oreal International Fellowship for Young Women in Life Sciences on 29 March 2012 for her research to exploit the untapped potential of local plants to find new treatments for parasitic worms responsible for the ill-health of millions of people in the developing world.[14]

March 30

  • Kenya's Hellen Obiri made athletics history on 30 March 2019 when she won the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Aarhus, Denmark, to become the first woman to lift world titles indoors, outdoors and at cross country.[15]

March 31


April 1

April 2

April 3

  • Kenyan long distance runner Cyprian Kotut and Visiline Jepkesho won the men’s and women’s title respectively at the 40th edition of the Paris marathon on 3 April 2016.

April 4

  • Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich smashed the women’s half-marathon world record in a time of one hour, four minutes and two seconds, sliced almost half a minute off the previous best mark, on 4 April 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey.

April 5

April 6

April 7

  • Kenyan runners Nancy Kiprop and Vincent Kipchumba won the women’s and men’s race respectively at the 2019 Vienna Marathon in Austria.

April 8

April 9

April 10

April 11

April 12

  • Kenyan runner Wycliffe Kinyamal won gold in Men's 800m at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

April 13

  • Wilson Kipsang of Kenya won the London Marathon for the second time on 13 April 2014. Kipsang completed the race in 2 hours, 4 minutes, 29 seconds — 11 seconds inside the previous fastest run in London by Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai in 2011.

April 14

April 15

  • Hellen Obiri of Kenya claimed back-to-back Boston Marathon women's title on 15 April 2024, outsprinting fellow Kenyan Sharon Lokedi down Boylston Street to win by 8 seconds.
  • The first operational Kenyan satellite, Kenyan Taifa-1 ("Nation-1", in Swahili language), was put into orbit on 15 April 2023 by a SpaceX rocket which took off from California.
  • Lawrence Cherono of Kenya won the men's race at the 123rd Boston Marathon in the USA in 2 hours 07 minutes 57 seconds on 15 April 2019.

April 16

  • Ikal Angelei from Kenya won the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize, considered as the Nobel Prize for grassroots environmentalism, on 16 April 2012. Ikal was awarded for her fights against the construction of the massive Gibe 3 Dam that would block access to water for indigenous communities around Lake Turkana.[16]

April 17

  • Kenya became the first African team to win a World Sevens Series rugby tournament outside Africa by beating Fiji 30-7 at the 2016 Singapore Sevens tournament.
  • Emmanuel Mutai and Mary Keitany brought double delight for Kenya as they have won men's and women's race respectively at the 2011 London Marathon on 17 April 2011.[17]

April 18

  • Kenyan professional long-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist Peres Jepchirchir won the 2022 Boston Marathon on 50th anniversary of first official women's race.
  • Ibrahim Hussein from Kenya won the Boston Marathon, an annual marathon hosted by the U.S. city of Boston and apparently world's oldest annual marathon, on April 18, 1988. He was the first Kenyan and African to win this prestigious event.[18]

April 19

  • The UN Economic and Social Council on 19 April 2017 elected Kenya as a member of its Commission on the Status of Women for a four-year terms.[19]
  • Phyllis Omido of Kenya won the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize for her community initiatives in Mombasa to shut down a smelter that was exposing people to dangerous chemicals.[20]

April 20

  • Kenyan crime thriller Nairobi Half Life on 20 April 2013 won the Best Achievement In Sound award at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) held in the Yenagoa capital of Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

April 21

  • Kenyan long-distance runner and Olympic champion Peres Jepchirchir smashed the women’s-only world record to win a thrilling London Marathon in two hours, 16 minutes and 16 seconds on 21 April 2024.
  • Kenyan long-distance runner Priscah Jeptoo won the women's title at the 33rd London Marathon on 21 April 2013 in 2 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds.

April 22

  • Kenya proved yet again to be a giant of the marathon world. At the 2012 London Marathon, Kenya's Wilson Kipsang won the men's elite race with a time of 2:04:44 and Mary Keitany, also from Kenya, defended her title with a time of 2:18:37.[21]

April 23

  • Kenyan Daniel Wanjiru and Mary Keitany won the men’s and women’s races respectively at the London Marathon 2017. Mary broke the women-only world record to become the second quickest marathon runner of all time in 2:17:01.

April 24

  • Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge and Jemima Sumgong won the 2016 men's and women's London Marathon respectively. Eliud ran the second fastest marathon time in history as he retained his London title in 2:03:05 – only eight seconds outside the world record.[22]

April 25

April 26

  • Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge won the 2015 London Marathon men’s race with a time of 2 hours, 4 minutes 41 seconds.[23]

April 27

April 28

  • Kenyan runners Brigid Kosgei and Eliud Kipchoge won the women’s and men’s race respectively at the 2019 London Marathon in the UK.

April 29

April 30

  • Kenya set fire to 105 tons of elephant ivory and more than 1 ton of rhino horn, believed to be the largest stockpile ever destroyed, on 30 April 2016 in a gesture of goodwill in stopping the ivory trade.


May 1

May 2

  • Kenya on 2 May 2014 launched a single electronic system for processing imports and exports to speed up regional trade with its African neighbors.[24]

May 3

May 4

  • Kenyan and Scottish scientists have discovered a microbe, Microsporidia MB, that completely protects mosquitoes from being infected with malaria, according to a study published in Nature Communications on 4 May 2020.[25]

May 5

  • A team of international archaeologists has discovered the earliest human burial site yet found in Africa in a small pit at the entrance of Panga ya Saidi, a leafy cave located 15 kilometres from Kenya's south-east coast. The study, sheds new light on the emotional life of early Homo sapiens 78,000 years ago, was published in the journal Nature on 5 May 2021.[26]

May 6

May 7

May 8

May 9

  • Kenya and Djibouti on 9 May 2018 signed four agreements aimed at boosting trade and deepening bilateral links, including an agreement on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic passports.

May 10

  • Kenya and Ghana on 10 May 2018 made history as the first countries out of the 44 African countries to ratify the Continental Free Trade Area agreement which was signed in the Rwandan capital Kigali in March 2018.[27]

May 11

  • Kenya on 11 May 2017 approved a law which will allow low-income earners to secure loans from banks using livestock, crops and household appliances such as television assets and fridges as collateral. The Movable Property Security Rights Act 2017 is aimed at boosting the economy by making it easier for women, young people and small-scale farmers to get loans.

May 12

  • Kenyan nurse Anna Qabale Duba was crowned the first-ever recipient of the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award on 12 May 2022 for campaigning against early marriage and female genital mutilation.

May 13

  • Alex Mwaura Muriu of Kenya won the Second Prize at the 2015 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). Murui, a Kenyan entrepreneur, developed a system to meet the perennial challenge faced by African farmers in accessing capital to finance planting and harvesting by providing an alternative from the burden of financial loans through his Farm Capital Africa project.

May 14

May 15

May 16

May 17

May 18

May 19

May 20

  • A team of international scientists, including researchers from Kenya, has unearthed the earliest stone tools ever found – dated at 3.3 million years old - in north- west Kenya. Their findings were reported in the journal Nature on 20 may 2015.[28]

May 21

May 22

May 23

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27

  • The United Nations awarded one fallen peacekeeper from Kemya posthumously with the Dag Hammarskjöld Medal on 27 May 2021.[29]

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31


June 1

June 2

June 3

June 4

  • Samson Parashina, a Maasai warrior from Kenya, was named as one of the winners of the 2012 United Nations Champions of the Earth award for showing amazing commitment to developing sustainable green economy models for Kenya’s Kuku Group Ranch, land communally owned by the Maasai community.

June 5

June 6

June 7

June 8

June 9

June 10

  • Kenya and 25 other nations from Africa on 10 June 2015 signed a historic free trade pact, Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), that will ease the movement of goods across member countries in next five years. Once fully implemented, the 26-nation TFTA will be the continent's largest free-trade zone.

June 11

June 12

June 13

June 14

  • Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on 14 June 2019 announced a ban on single-use plastics in all protected areas, including national parks, beaches, forests and conservation areas that takes effect in the country by 2020.

June 15

June 16

June 17

June 18

  • Kenya was elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council on 18 June 2020 for two-year terms.[30]

June 19

June 20

June 21

June 22

June 23

June 24

  • The Kenyan Lakes System within The Great Rift Valley was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011. It contains evaporating lakes - often just reduced to saline pans and is particularly known for being home to a large number of wading birds and flamingos.[31]

June 25

June 26

  • Douglas Mwangi, who works to reduce illiteracy and poverty in his community in Kenya through education and skills-training, received a Queen’s Young Leaders award at a ceremony held at the Buckingham Palace, in London on 26 June 2018.[32]
  • High-level government representatives from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania on 26 Jun 2014, at the first United Nations Environment Assemble (UNEA), announced their intention to work together, along with INTERPOL and UN agencies, to curb the illegal timber trade that is stripping East Africa of one of its most valuable natural resources.[33]

June 27

  • Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya was listed in the UNESCO world heritage list on June 27, 2011. The Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th Portuguese military fortification and a landmark in the history of this type of construction. It also contains Omani Arab and British influences. [34]

June 28

June 29

  • Thimlich Ohinga archeological site in Kenya, situated north-west of the town of Migori, was inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List on 29 June 2018.[35]

June 30


July 1

  • Kenya has become a lower-middle income country with the Gross National Income per capita (GNI), joining those with annual incomes of $1,046 to $4,125, as announced by the World Bank on 1 July 2015.[36]

July 2

July 3

July 4

July 5

July 6

July 7

  • Telkom Kenya and Google subsidiary Loon on 7 July 2020 launched their internet balloon service, providing 4G internet connection to rural areas of Kenya.[37]

July 8

  • Kenya’s’ Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife on 8 July 2019 launched the National Recovery and Action Plan for the critically endangered Mountain Bongo amid risk of extinction linked to poaching, habitat loss, diseases and attack by large predators.

July 9

July 10

July 11

July 12

July 13

July 14

July 15

July 16

  • Kenya and Nigeria signed three agreements on 16 July 2013 to help boost ties between the two countries. The three agreements signed are on the establishment of a Joint Commission for Cooperation, a Protocol on consultations between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Kenya and Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an MOU on mutual cooperation between the Foreign Service Institute of Kenya and the Foreign Service Academy of Nigeria.[38]

July 17

July 18

July 19

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 23

  • The World Bank on 23 July 2013 approved a zero-interest credit of $250 million to help Kenya fight extreme poverty, to be disbursed over the next four years. This is the first time the World Bank is using such grant, known as Program-for-Results, in Africa which will shield the poorest and most vulnerable households from effects of crises such as drought, malnutrition, and unemployment.[39]

July 24

July 25

July 26

July 27

July 28

July 29

July 30

July 31


August 1

August 2

  • Maji Mazuri Centre International from Nairobi was announced as one of the recipients of the 2012 United Nations World Environment Day Challenge prize for their initiative Green Heroes, in which youth focus on organizing and improving waste management in the Kenyan capital’s informal Mathare settlement.[40]

August 3

August 4

August 5

  • The World Bank Group on 5 August 2014 committed $5 billion in new technical and financial support for energy projects in six African countries-- Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania.[41]

August 6

  • Kenya's Geoffrey Kirui won the 2017 world men’s marathon title – becoming Kenya’s fifth champion in the event - at the World Athletics Championships.[42]

August 7

August 8

  • Anthropologists led by Dr Meave Leakey of the Turkana Basin Institute in Nairobi discovered three human fossils that are between 1.78 and 1.95 million years old from Northern Kenya show that a new species of human lived two million years ago. The research was published in the journal Nature on 8 August 2012.[43]

August 9

August 10

  • Kenya's Edna Kiplagat retained her women's marathon world title at the World Athletics Championship in Moscow on 10 August 2013. Edna timed 2hr 25min 44sec and became the first woman to retain the marathon world title.[44]

August 11

August 12

August 13

August 14

August 15

August 16

August 17

August 18

August 19

August 20

August 21

  • Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya won the men's marathon in 2:08:44 and captured Kenya's sixth gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in Brazil.

August 22

August 23

August 24

August 25

August 26

  • Kenyan middle and long-distance runner Faith Kipyegon won gold in the 5000m final at the 2023 World Athletics Championship, four days after becoming the first woman to earn a third 1500m gold. She became the first woman to win both events at a single worlds.

August 27

  • Edna Kiplagat of Kenya won the women's marathon at the World Athletics Championships 2011, in dramatic fashion, after recovering from a tumble in the marathon.[45]

August 28

  • A ban on plastic carrier bags came into force in Kenya on 28 August 2017, which means that anyone found selling, manufacturing or carrying them could face hefty fines or prison sentences of up to four years.

August 29

August 30

  • Kenyan runner Conseslus Kipruto won the 3000m men's steeplechase race at the 2018 IAAF Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland.[46]

August 31

  • Kenya's long-distance runner Asbel Kiprop won the world 1,500 metres title for the third time on 31 August 2015.


September 1

  • Kenyan TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri, a multifaceted journalist at the Citizen TV, won the 2020 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award.

September 2

September 3

September 4

September 5

  • Kenya ranked as the third most generous nation in the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) 2017 World Giving Index. The index measures the average percentage of people in each country who donate money, volunteer or help a stranger.[47]

September 6

September 7

September 8

  • The government of Kenya on 8 September 2016 announced a significant commitment to restore 5.1 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes by 2030.[48]

September 9

  • Professor Mary Abukutsa of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology was awarded by the African Union for her research on production of indigenous vegetables in poor countries, and her work as a determined promoter of agricultural biodiversity at the 11th anniversary ceremony of the Union on 9 September 2010.[49]

September 10

September 11

  • Two aquifers have been identified in the Turkana region of Kenya by using satellite exploration technology, as revealed on 11 September 2013. It opens doors to a more prosperous future for the people of Turkana and the nation that suffers from frequent droughts.[50]

September 12

  • Tom Lalampaa from Kenya was awarded the inaugural Tusk Award for Conservation for his outstanding work brokering peace through conservation amongst feuding tribal groups in northern Kenya. Lalampaa has been key to creating a conservation area of 3 million acres under the Northern Rangelands Trust, benefiting over 150,000 people. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the award ceremony at The Royal Society in London.

September 13

September 14

September 15

September 16

  • Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge on 16 September 2018 smashed the marathon world record, winning the Berlin race in 2 hours, 1 minute, 39 seconds, slicing a staggering 78 seconds off the previous best recorded by Dennis Kimetto.[51]

September 17

September 18

  • Kenyan film Kati Kati won the International Federation of Film Critics prize at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016.[52]

September 19

  • Rita Kimani of Kenya, the co-founder of FarmDrive - a social enterprise that connects unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers to credit, was recognized as one of the 2016 UN Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals.

September 20

September 21

September 22

September 23

September 24

  • Kenyan long-distance runners Eliud Kipchoge and Gladys Cherono won the 2017 Berlin men's and women's marathons respectively.[53]

September 25

September 26

  • Kenyan journalist Waihiga Mwaura won the 2018 BBC World News Komla Dumor award for his performance in Kenya's most-watched evening news bulletin on Citizen TV.

September 27

September 28

  • Kenyan Dennis Kimetto smashed the marathon world record by 26 seconds in Berlin on 28 September 2014, winning the race in a time of two hours, two minutes and 57 seconds.[54]

September 29

  • Kenyan Wilson Kipsang broke the men's marathon world record by 15 seconds as he claimed the Berlin title on 29 September 2013. The 31-year-old clocked a time of two hours three minutes 23 seconds to better the previous mark set by compatriot Patrick Makau two years ago.[55]

September 30

  • Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya won the 39th Berlin Marathon men's race in two hours four minutes and 15 seconds on 30 September 2012.


October 1

October 2

October 3

October 4

October 5

October 6

October 7

  • Diani Beach in Kenya was recognised as the Leading Beach Destination in Africa at the 2018 World Travel Awards.[56]

October 8

  • Kenyan long-distance runner Kelvin Kiptum set a new world record marathon time at 2:00:35 in the 2023 Chicago Marathon.
  • Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental and political activist, was awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. Maathai had been promoting ecologically viable social, economic and cultural development in Kenya and in Africa.[57]

October 9

October 10

October 11

October 12

  • Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge on 12 October 2019 created history by becoming the first athlete to run a marathon in under two hours, 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40.2 seconds, at a stage-managed event in Vienna.
  • Kenyan long distance runner Dominic Ondoro defended his Melbourne marathon crown on 12 October 2014 winning the race in two hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds.[58]
  • Bridge International Academies, is the global leader in providing high quality, low-cost pre-primary and primary education to children of parents living under $2 per day in emerging markets, operates more than 80 academies in Kenya with over 25,000 active students in its programs was announced one of the winners at the 2012 Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship presented by African Leadership Network.[59]

October 13

  • Kenya’s long-distance runner Brigid Kosgei shattered a 16-year-old world record on 13 October 2019, winning the Chicago Marathon in two hours, 14 minutes and four seconds. Kosgei broke the mark of 2:15:25 set by British runner Paula Radcliffe in the London Marathon on April 13, 2003 as she won in Chicago for the second straight year.
  • Kenyan Radio Presenter Adelle Onyango, seeking to empower young women through mentorship and apprenticeship programmes, was included in the BBC global list of 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017.

October 14

  • Kenyan Jonathan Chesoo won the 35th Annual Melbourne Marathon with a time of 2:12.35 on 14 October 2012.[60]
  • Lorna Rutto from Kenya was announced as one of the winners of the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2011 for her creative business idea of making fence posts from plastic waste, an environmentally friendly alternative to timber.[61]

October 15

October 16

October 17

October 18

October 19

October 20

October 21

October 22

October 23

October 24

October 25

October 26

October 27

  • Kenya was elected as a council member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on 27 October 2014 for four years from the African region. ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies.

October 28

October 29

October 30

October 31


November 1

  • Kenya was named as the most positive country from Africa at the World’s Most Positive Countries 2016.
  • Stanley Biwott and Mary Keitany of Kenya won the 2015 New York Marathon men’s and women’s title respectively.

November 2

November 3

November 4

November 5

November 6

  • Mary Keitany of Kenya won her third-consecutive New York City Marathon title on 6 November 2016.[62]
  • Kenyan long distance runner Geoffrey Mutai won the 2011 New York City Marathon mens event on November 6, 2011. Over 45,000 runners competed at the 26.2-mile marathon.

November 7

  • Peres Jepchirchir and Albert Korir of Kenya won the 2021 New York City Women’s and Men’s Marathon respectfully.[63]
  • Kenyan journalist Peter Murimi on 7 November 2019 won the prestigious Rory Peck Award, which honours freelance photo and video reporters, for News Features.[64]

November 8

November 9

November 10

  • Kenya ranked 11th in the 2015 Charities Aid Foundation's World Giving Index which measures each country's charitable behavior.[65]

November 11

November 12

  • Kenya and Kuwait on 12 November 2013 signed two agreements concerning the avoidance of double taxation and the encouragement and reciprocal protection of investments. The agreements are aimed at removing obstacles hindering capital flow and trade exchange between Kuwait and Kenya.[66]
  • Kenya was elected on the United Nations Human Rights Council on 12 November 2012 for a three-year term. The council was created by the UN General Assembly in 2006 as the main human rights body of the UN.[67]

November 13

November 14

  • Kenya ranked 16th at the Freedom on the Net 2016 index compiled by Freedom House. This index is compiled based on the extent of freedom the citizens of 65 countries experienced on the Internet.[68]

November 15

  • Photographer Manoj Shah of Kenya won the Grand Prize at the 2017 National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest for his image of African elephants.[69]

November 16

November 17

November 18

  • BRCK, the maker of rugged wireless and mobile wifi devices, from Kenya won the prestigious Global SME Award at the 2016 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecom World Awards.[70]
  • The National Social Security Fund of Kenya was presented with the Good Practice Award for Africa by the International Social Security Association (ISSA) on 18 November 2008. Initiatives to improve the administration of social security in Kenya earned them the award.[71]

November 19

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

  • Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge was named as the male World Athletes of the Year at the World Athletics Awards 2019 held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.[72]

November 24

  • Dr Jemimah Kariuki of Kenya, deeply passionate about preventive medicine, especially in maternal and child health, on 24 November 2020 was included in BBC's annual list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world.

November 25

November 26

November 27

November 28

  • Kenya formally launched construction of a Chinese-funded $13.8 billion flagship railway project on 28 November 2013 which is eventually hoped to extend across East Africa to reach South Sudan, DR Congo and Burundi. The first section will link the Kenyan port of Mombasa to the capital, Nairobi, reducing the journey time from 15 hours to about four.[73]

November 29

November 30


December 1

December 2

December 3

  • African and Asian states, including Kenya, reached a deal in Botswana on 3 December 2013 to crack down on the illegal ivory trade. The agreement was reached at the African Elephant Summit convened by the government of Botswana and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).[74]

December 4

December 5

December 6

December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10

December 11

December 12

  • Independence Day of Kenya. Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1963.

December 13

December 14

December 15

  • Kenyan marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge won the BBC Sports Personality's World Sport Star of the Year 2019, who became the first person to run a marathon in under two hours in October 2019.

December 16

  • The discovery, by an international research team from Kenya and the USA, of an ancient bone at a burial site in Kenya was reported on 16 December 2013. The discovery of this bone is the earliest evidence of a modern human-like hand, indicating that this anatomical feature existed more than half a million years earlier than previously known.[75]

December 17

December 18

  • Kenya and the European Union on 18 December 2023 signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to boost bilateral trade in goods, increase investment flows, and spur sustainable economic growth.

December 19

December 20

December 21

December 22

December 23

December 24

December 25

December 26

December 27

December 28

December 29

December 30

December 31


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